Wecrispit media is pleased to dish out the March edition of its magazine. The Magazine will not have been a success without the contributions of the content creators, the whole team, and the support from our readers. We look forward to serving you better , Hence please let us know in the comments section below […]

It’s Time For A Revolution In Africa’s Hip Hop Scene [Ex GMA House Mate Heavenly Dawap]

Former Gospel Music Africa House Mate “Heavenly Dawap” in an interview with our Correspondent stated the need for the restoration of content in the Africa’s Hip Hop scene. Q – let’s meet you Ans – I am Heavenly Dawap AKA Yaron Jtown, I am a Christian Hip Hop Artist, A Hip Hop Scholar, Business Man […]


Gaslighting is a manipulation technique that undermines a person’s entire perception of reality, forcing a person to question their thoughts, memories and events occupied around them, and can slowly creep into their relationships, friendships, family life and work life. Gaslighting is commonly adopted by psychological, sociopathic and narcissistic types of people. Gaslighting eats away at […]


The first time I came across the term “butterfly effect, I heard something within the boundaries of – that if you killed or stepped on and killed a butterfly, one million people around the world would die as a direct result of that. That really baffled baffled me and got me thinking. As farfetched as […]


I have this cousin who had great difficulty reading and writing while growing up. He at some point ran from home and went to live with beggers on the streets of Kaduna city because of the pressure mounted on him to read and write and do well in school like his peers. Everyone thought he […]


“Karma is a bitch” is a phrase that I believe most of us have heard if not used at one point or another of our lives. A phrase which tends to be over-used and miss-used, personifying the concept of Karma as the proverbial actor that doles out retribution or punishment. A divine force that directly […]

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