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The Influence Of Foreign Culture On Fashion Design.

  The influence of foreign culture on fashion design. DOWNLOAD: WeCrispIt Magazine


Blending is a term used in textile design when there is a mixture of two different products to produce the same mixture as the original. It is a crucial part in fashion design as it has a huge effect on the finishing of clothes. There are different types of blends such as cotton blends, silk […]


I have a slight fascination in bows and the beauty it brings. Personally, I love bows. They can be placed anywhere on the head, shoulder, neck, waist you name it. They are used to beautify jewelry and anything in particular. Now actually the main essence is ‘the idea of men in bows?’ I get a […]


Growing up, I began to develop a keen interest in fashion design. I’m not a pop star designer right now but I definitely intend to get there. How? With a lot of sacrifices, discipline and dedication. Being a broke designer is difficult, starting anything broke is hard. I’m not here to bore you with an […]

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