Wecrispit media is pleased to dish out the March edition of its magazine. The Magazine will not have been a success without the contributions of the content creators, the whole team, and the support from our readers. We look forward to serving you better , Hence please let us know in the comments section below […]


In a previous post, we discussed how the human eye reacts to light. The pupils in our eyes control the flow of light entering our eyes by getting bigger or smaller to restrict light or allow more light in depending on the lighting conditions we are in. In photography, the cameras secondary mechanism for controlling […]


Automatic Mode In automatic mode the camera controls all aspects of the camera, shutters speed, apertures, iso etc. in order to achieve a good exposure. Program Mode: Similar to automatic mode, the camera controls most aspects of the camera, shutters speed, apertures, iso etc. in order to achieve a good exposure while allowing you to […]


In a previous article on WECRISPIT Magazine, we asserted that Photography will not exist without a camera. If the camera is the ‘brain’, then the lens is the ‘eye’. It IS our window into the environment and helps us capture awesome images. A camera lens works in a similar way to the human eye. Below is […]


DSLR – DIGITAL SINGLE LENS REFLEX Offer full manual control and creative freedom Exceptional colour depth, better dynamic range Huge range of accessories available  Inter changeable lens, providing photographers with a lot of flexibility in their shooting High Image Quality because their much larger digital sensors Require Technical knowledge for optimal use MIRRORLESS CAMERAS Interchangeable […]


Disclaimer: All photographs and content on this blog post remains the property of the original photographers, except stated otherwise. We encounter visual imagery from many angles. But photography is more than just taking pictures. It is a dynamic and varied field. There are many areas of specialisation that customizes a photographer’s niche. Many of these […]

LET THERE BE LIGHT By Pringshak Tristan Manasseh

The basic idea behind photography can be drawn from its name: “the drawing or painting of light.” It is the art of capturing light, primarily with a camera, to create an image. With the right camera, you can actually capture the wavelength of light invisible to the naked human eye. French inventor Joseph Nicéphore Niépce […]

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