Creativity And Hunger : The Nigerian Youth

Creativity And Hunger : The Nigerian Youth

Recently, I read a letter addressed to the creative youths, gingering and encouraging them to push, to be free, TO CREATE. To Soar. It arose my spirit. I literally could feel the words reach down to my creative reservoir and gashed it open. But somehow, I still felt stuck in my head. Writers would call it writers block. It’s like a fog covering your mental prowess. At that time, the only thing that appealed to me was wasting away, sleeping or chatting online, or staring into nothingness( this is not bad though)
As creatives, which, honestly, we all are, we are caped with the power to birth into life something beautiful, Something extraordinary, something New. But often times we find ourselves drifting away, unsure of a way out of that drain. I’ll give you a few why’s. Here goes…

Why number 1: Creativity does not need distraction. When I talk of distraction, I don’t just mean the physical, but also, the mental and emotional. It was Rita Ezenwa, the founder of street project foundation who said, and I paraphrase, “you can’t be thinking of creating and as well, be thinking of food; of the basic necessities of humanity. It just doesn’t flow” I find this very true. You may think that these basic necessities affect only our physical state, but I bet you, it eats deep into our very core leaving us depressed and in despair. A child who is supposed to Soar with his talents as his wings cower under the burdens of lack of food, or water, or light etc.
I watched a Hollywood movie a few days ago, The Main Event, and in that movie, a child was talking about finishing up his short Film and I was like wow!!! We, in Nigeria, are so gifted that if given the opportunity, we would grow, we would do better. But the space in our heads that should be thinking of creating, is thinking of Food. Now, it’s not about the opportunity, but the preparedness, the quality, the authenticity of our craft. How then can we CREATE when we are distracted by basic needs?

Why number 2 : The Lusty Caress of Social Media.
This could be marked as part of ‘Why number one’ but I think it’s pertinent we talk about it as a separate entity. Okay!! I talk too much, let’s dive in. Social Media is a beautiful tool for learning and exploring. I mean, it has helped improve the lives of millions of people; Made easy the burdens of communication. But sadly, it is another wound to our creative flow that we ought heal. To a very large extent, Social media has turned us into a crazy generation of procrastinators ( I am in this box too). The time we ought spend creating, we spend it smiling and grinning at our phones, wasting as much time that could have been used in doing as much creative work. We need to control this. you may not know it, but it dampens your flow; sucks your creative juice. Creativity is fun, but also work, and as such we should consciously be creative. We should consciously grow as a creative. An addiction to social media will never allow you do that.

Why number 3, Not Knowing What your Passion is .
It is said that Passion drives a man, but I’ve seen people confuse passion for Talent. So, What exactly is passion? You may be like,”Eeh! Is it not passion, we know it now.” Let’s think this through shall we?
Passion, to me, is the energy that pushes you or your talent towards the destination you want to go. Some persons say, ‘I love music, but I don’t have a passion for it,’ and they are very right. You may love to sing, know how to sing even, or write or dance- which itself is a talent of some sort- but may not have the passion or energy for pursuing that path. That is not to say that you cannot try, But Misplaced passion births frustration and in turn, depression. Think of passion as the fuel in a car and Talent as the car itself with you as the crazy driver.
Do what you love!!! Put your energy into that which makes you happy and you’d be surprised at how super productive and creative you would be. Hunger may shake us but it’s our duty as creatives to push past that block, any block at all, and CREATE. the world does not look for excuses, they want to see the finished work. So, Just Create.
Quoting a maxim from street project foundation, It reads, “Talent is not your BUSTOP, it is your BUS.” And I add, CREATE!!!
Written by: Anthony Ikechukwu Chielo
You can reach him on social media platforms
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