Tioluwani, the eulogy you got at death can make a man desire to die and see what would be said about him. I know for sure if you are watching how events unfold after your demise, you will feel special and yet wish all of these were done while you were living – even on your birthday.
We are sorry it had to happen like this. You caught us all by surprise and we marvel so much at your strength and how long you have tried to put up and stay strong. Not everyone knew you were such a warrior, we praise your literacy skills instead and for some who knew you were a strong lady with a fighting spirit, we couldn’t stand close enough to see that you have been badly wounded and your hidden wound had badly turned to a stinking sour.
I believe you saw it coming how everyone would argue about your death. There would be blames and anger spree, some banter too and assumptions from every corner, but they will never know what happened because when you cried out silently a million times, they thought you were making good music. Your pretty face and welcoming charming smile, played a good trick to make everyone believe you were doing just fine.

You stood so strong and we wish you had stayed strong, maybe a year more to see how events would turn out for you, but we understand now that the rope you were holding on to had so much pierced into your palms and the pain was unbearable.
Richie dear, the path you took to say goodbye wasn’t pleasant enough. Everyone will miss you for now and maybe Facebook pop up remembrance would make us think about you each year and we would remember how we praised someone we should have read between her lines and kept here with the living. Your family, no matter how bad, would forever remember you and now they would wish they had done better or love you enough – wishing, mere wishes upon wishes.
If every word said since you said “no more” could bring you back, you would be here a million times over, but death obviously has victory at the moment.
You were a beautiful soul. Filled with skills and talent. You seemed to find your way around touching people’s lives with your smile and amazing charisma. Some of us won’t forget that quickly.

We hope right now that you found the peace and love you so much desired. Hope it feels better and sane there? We wish to keep you here, but your choice was greater than our will. We say a sorrowful goodbye and hope you feel free from every struggle here.
You were an amazing personality, Richie. You taught us so much about reading through the lines of words again and we hope to take necessary actions when due for another soul like yours. We will look on at your works and remember another talent buried, leaving the grave with more treasures than the land of the living.
Rest in peace, Rachel and we pray your family find consolation at this trying time of their life.
Great hero, we respect your resilience when you had the strength to fight.

Rest on!
Written by Fikayomi Aaron

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