The first confirmed case of the Corona virus disease in Nigeria was announced on 27 February 2020, when an Italian citizen in Lagos tested positive for the virus, On the 9 March 2020, a second case of the virus was reported in  Ogun State, a Nigerian citizen who had contact with the Italian citizen. Total case in Nigeria  has spiked to 2,950 confirmed cases, 481 recovered,98 deaths as of (date of this report) In other countries we learned that, their cases got worse mainly due to negligence and underestimating the extent of its spread, a lot of them either didn’t believe the virus was real, like Italy who assumed it was a common cold hence didn’t investigate the situation causing the death of many. But in the case of Nigeria, nobody seems to figure out what actually happened. Reason being that When our first case was recorded, alot of people had different opinions on how to go about it. With the recent spread, everyone has to come together to tackle this situation because it’s starting to look like a major issue.
Wecrispit magazine sent out messages to here from the people’s opinion and the question is
“what’s your take on the spread of the corona virus in Nigeria, what should the government do and also the citizens to help reduce the spread”.here are their responses

1. The government should create more awareness and dissimilation of genuine information about the virus all the way to the rural areas
2. Government should not just focus all of it’s attention on testing and quarantining. genomic characteristic data of the virus should be studied. This could help toward creating a vaccine
3. Government should ensure proper distribution of palliatives for the Citizens, before ensuring a lockdown it’s simple, Just follow the rules towards avoiding the infection. It will go a long way

I think the question is not what the government should do anymore because it appears citizens should also take matters into their own hands.
1) stop over prizing things
2) uniformed men should stop collecting bribe to allow people who are not carrying important materials pass boundaries

The government should try to provide for the masses and citizens in turn should obey rules and regulations and take precautionary measures

The virus has really placed our lives on pause.. But since the owner of our lives is allowing all of these to happen then we will wait on him.

I think the best way to stop or better still control the pandemic is just by staying at home since we can’t always identify carriers as a lot of people are asymptotic.

First of all the spread of the virus was caused due to the carelessness of our federal government By the late closing of our boundaries.
Now, after the carelessness, the next unreasonable thing they could jump into was emulating developed countries without sitting down to critically look at things and analyse as a nation from every point of view( Economically) and also health wise.
The lockdown with no doubt can limit the spread of the virus but can Nigeria as a country sustain that policy?
what are the aftermaths attached to such policies?
We see that our crime rate has greatly increased with a lot of hoodlums threatening the lives of innocent citizens.
Then there’s the death of people who the lockdown had affected, the uneasy movement of ill persons to the isolation centers.
the rise in massive hunger that had already existed before the lockdown
We saw how a man came out removing his clothes and bitterly complaining naked how he couldn’t stand hearing his kids cry of hunger and that of his wife
What were the measures put on ground to cushion the hunger? A poorly planned distribution of palliative
Now there’s a Little wonder how political party leaders in different zones can share food stuffs during Campaign periods, but now that it’s really crucial the government has failed to provide basic food items to every house hold in need at this period. Now, we witness sharing of money in some local government and leaving others out of it, With the claim of reaching out to the poorest of the poor. In which it still baffles me how they came up with their statistics and definition of the poorest of the poor, because a lot of people live on a daily bread and can barely save from their daily earnings, ignoring that the countries they appear to be emulating, put all their citizens into consideration. The USA paid it’s citizens $1500, but what has our government given us?
Merely stories and false hope. Now the biggest problem I have seen and have wondered Is what the government drew on the table as a way of fighting the virus. You tell your citizens to wash their hands always and sanitize. When most of the communities have no water, there’s an exuberant increase in the price of sanitizers And face mask aren’t even made available. I have not heard of the government providing house holds with face mask and hand sanitizers, Before even thinking of sharing food stuffs, But yet it has not occurred to them that on a preferential scale of most Nigerians is to put food on their table, especially in times like these where livelihoods have been locked down
My simple suggestions goes as follows:
1. Government should share face masks and hand sanitizers to every house hold, that can at least last 2months for every individual, and also tell every organizations to make sure they have enough sanitizers and face masks available for their workers and support them where need be. Then they can now impose the policy of compulsory wearing of face mask.
2. Instead of sharing food which has always ended up in the wrong hands. Government should locate the heads of each tribe in a community and dispense cash to each household via a trusted means.
A simple method which I know they know, But would rather do what would favor their greed

Basically adhering to all the rules, social distancing, washing of hands regularly, and sanitizing too. I suspect there’s an undertone to the pandemic; reducing the world population, business, politics, tussle for world power etc. The question then is, where is Africa in all of these? Now from a religious standpoint, as a Christian I.e God allows these things for a purpose, besides, it’s signs of the end and the era of the church. So we can play our part but people will still die, the preservation plan however Is from God to His people. There’s always the Noah’s safety ark when the flood(plagues or pandemic) hits
That’s by the way, but the lockdown can continue for a while, to help monitor things, they can continue with the window periods every now and then so people can stockpile and so on

For more download the magazine to read more on the people’s opinion.whats your own opinion?

WeCrispit Magazine-May Edition 2020

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