The Jos based Christian rapper thirdmuziq, set to drop his first track for the year unapologetic.third said you can take this personal Because he is not apologising for serving christ,and encourages Christians to stay focus and keep the faith alive for the persecution they are  going through is the fulfillment of the scripture.He also mentioned that nothing will separate him from the love of his master “Jesus Christ”,and also letting the persecutors know that nothing he does will separate him,not the killing,not the kidnapping,not the land grabbing,not the genocide,even in the mist of the persecution he will continue to show God’s love toward them and pray for them,because that’s what Jesus taught him and challenges Christians not just in his nation, but all over the world to let the world know about thier stand.The song is also in honour of liah shahibu,Ropvil,Rev lawal Adini and all the Christians mryts who has died from the Nigerian Christian persecution.third told wecrispit that unapologetic will be released 28th February 2020.

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